4 Aug - 5 Aug 2017

Mwalimu Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

About Working Mother Conference and Expo 2017

Mikono Expo Group introduces a new chapter of opportunity, possibility and conversation for women across different organizations who have a dedicated interest, passion and responsibility for making good companies a better place to work – the focus will be discussion and dialogues on how women should manage challenges, opportunities and options available in the ongoing changing world of work that today spans borders, cultures, time zones, and physical space? How can individuals, teams, and organizations think creatively about the ways to work and optimize value, performance and experience? Working Mother Conference and Expo returns to enable best practice sharing and to ignite future-forward conversation.

Working women will lead in addressing other matters related or affecting them at workplace, how do companies retain and develop top women employees, nurture supportive manager-subordinate relationships, and maintain engagement across time, space, and the complex and nuanced global workplace? What is the secret sauce of cultures that get it right? How can women build and promote an ever-evolving, nimble, flexible company culture where all employees see themselves as able to perform at their peak and ultimately be successful – howsoever they define that success?

It’s about educating, supporting, encouraging, and inspiring women; facilitating idea-sharing; breaking down barriers; thinking about the future for the next generational cast coming through; building resources and finding great ways to leverage all offerings so that organizations with women become the best possible enablers of a healthy, happy, high-functioning workforce and still make them fulfil their home responsibilities.